Selection of texts by Tobias Hering published in English since 2001.
Texts published in German are listed here.

Things and their proper places
Published in: Sowing Somankidi Coura, edited by Raphaël Grisey and Bouba Touré, Archive Books, Berlin, 2018.

Performing Things
Notes on films by Elke Marhöfer, published in: Elke Marhöfer, prendas — ngangas — enquisos — machines {each part welcomes the other without saying}, Berlin (Archive Books), 2015.

… and then a strange majority of African passengers.
A text departing from the closing scene of Abderrahmane Sissako’s film Rostov-Luanda, published in Marie-Hélène Gutberlet (ed.): The Space Between Us, Berlin/Bielefeld, 2013

There is no sleep so deep. On hosting ghosts
Published in: Atelier RE.AL: GHOST Residencies, Lisbon, 2012

The picture, is it there or not?
On Raphaël Cuomo Maria Iorio’s video Twisted Realism, in: Argos Magazine No. 5, Brussels, 2012.

The tree that holds what held it
For Daniel Melim, on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Nuno Centeno Gallery in Oporto, January 2012. Self-publishing.

Fábula / Fable
On the occasion of André Sousa’s Artist Residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, in: André Sousa, Tobias Hering: Fábula / Fabel / Fable, Berlin (Künstlerhaus Bethanien), 2009

Surviving Images
An interview with Christophe Gargot about the difficult search for justice in Rwanda and the particular challenge of his documentary D’Arusha à Arusha.

Who’s afraid of the Real?
On Zombies and the concept of the Real in the work of bankleer, in: nowiswere Contemporary Art Magazine, No. 2 / October 2008