Tobias Hering

Tobias Hering (born 1971 in Siegen) is an independent curator and writer living in Berlin and Mecklenburg. This is his personal website. “Andromeda Lodge” refers to a place in W.G. Sebald’s novel, Austerlitz.

I grew up in a village and moved to the city (Frankfurt/Main) when I was twenty. I have a background in philosophy (M.A. from Freie Universität Berlin, 1999) and also some practical experiences in film production and cinema operation. My work these days focuses on curating film & video programmes and exhibitions. It often involves archival research and usually takes shape in collaboration with others, sometimes over many years. I am interested in experimental forms and prefer exploring the peripheries more than the centers. I frequently write and occasionally teach and lecture on my research subjects. From time to time something gets published.

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